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Hardwood Flooring Products

These timeless hardwood floors exude enduring beauty, seamlessly blending classic charm with modern functionality. The hardwood planks are manufactured with a robust core ensuring a combination of elegance and durability. By extracting up to four times more material from each tree, these floors not only radiate timeless appeal but also embody a commitment to craftsmanship, making them an endurable choice for your home. 

A collection of the most premium hardwood offered at Geaux Flooring Direct. The planks are cut from European white oak, displaying stunning grains and colors.

Crafted from European oak, these planks effortlessly marry modern design and classic charm. Planks vary in length up to 74-13/16″ long and 7 1/2″ wide and 1/2″ thick.

Transform your home with a show-stopper floor that is also good for the planet. With dimensions of 48″ long and 5 1/8″ wide, each plank shows the beauty of eucalyptus wood.


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